CBLP-Shorelines Workshop Materials

Pre-Class Assignments

Day 1
  1. Review & be familiar with the four Key References & Site Assessment Terms
  2. Watch Day 1 videos
  3. Complete a desktop analysis using the Site Assessment Form and Desktop Analysis Instruction Guide. Bring a printed copy of the Desktop Analysis to Day 1 of Living Shoreline Essentials.
Day 2

1. Review:

      • Permitting Terms
      • Case Studies (4)
      • Joint Permit Application
      • Criteria for VMRC General Permits for Group 1 and Group 2 Living Shorelines

2. Develop living shoreline drawings (cross sections & plan view needed for permit applications). Email a copy of drawings to stacie@cblpro.org by close of business March 15.  (Drawings may be hand or computer drawn.)

Additional resources for drawings: Sample Drawings, Site map 1, Site map 3, Site map 4, Site map 6, Bank Zones, and Survey legend.

3. Answer the following questions pertaining to your design:

      • What level of protection is needed and how does the design meet that need?
      • How have you incorporated planning for future conditions into the design?
      • What other approaches were considered?
Day 3

(links & materials to be provided after Day 1)

  1. Review monitoring materials
  2. Review Maintenance Plan template