CBLP-Shorelines Workshop Materials

Pre-Class Assignments

Prior to Day 1
  • Review & be familiar with Key References:
    • VIMS Living Shoreline Design Guidelines
    • Shoreline Management Handbook
    • VMRC Wetlands Guidance and Regulations
    • JPA Permit Application
  •  Watch the following videos:
      • Intro to CBLP
      • Why Living Shorelines?
      • Living Shorelines 101
      • Regulatory Context of Shorelines
Prior to Day 2
  • Review & be familiar with VMRC Group 1 and Group 2 General Permits
  • Using the Desktop Analysis Guide, complete the Desktop Analysis Form for the area outlined in red on the Base Map. Bring a printed copy of the form to class.
Prior to Day 3
  • Watch the following videos:
    • Designing for Sea Level Rise
    • Planting Considerations for Living Shorelines
  • Review Common Maintenance Tasks
Drawing & Permitting Exercise (Due by 5:00pm, Sept. 27, 2023)

Full assignment details to be given in class. 

  • Using what you have learned throughout the workshop, refine the concept drawing begun in class and develop permit drawings for a living shoreline appropriate for the site discussed in class. Submit a pdf of the drawings to stacie@cblpro.org by 5pm on Sept. 27.
  • Complete a Joint Permit Application for the site design you develop. Submit along with the drawings.
  • Answer the following questions pertaining to your design:
      • How will your shoreline adapt to the intermediate high rate of sea level rise?
      • What is the expected life of your project?

Additional resources for drawings: Sample Drawings, Site map 1, Site map 3, Site map 4, Site map 6, Bank Zones, Utilities Map, Survey legend