1. A Degree or Certificate from an accredited institution of higher education in a related field of study such as:
  • botanical sciences
  • engineering
  • environmental or soil science
  • forestry
  • geography
  • green infrastructure
  • horticulture or plant science
  • landscape architecture or design
  • planning
  • other related field
2. A Professional Certification which requires the holder to engage in continuing education in order to maintain the credential, in a related field such as:
  • arboristry
  • green infrastructure
  • low impact development (LID)
  • stormwater inspection/review
  • grounds management
  • habitat protection/restoration
  • horticulture
  • integrated pest management (IPM) or licensed pesticide application
  • landscape design
  • landscape technology
  • nutrient management (fertilizer) planning or application soil science
  • other related field