Jennifer Klug Vaccaro

Jennifer Klug Vaccaro
Jennifer Klug Vaccaro
First Name: Jennifer
Last Name: Vaccaro
Company Name: Living Landscape Solutions
Specializing in creating beautiful outdoor spaces that have a positive impact on the people who use them, and the ecosystems that surround them.
Mitigation/Stormwater Management
We provide mitigation planting and stormwater management plans which meet county and critical area requirements and beautify your new home or addition.
Invasive Species Eradication and Management
We create and implement long term plans for eradication of invasive species and establishment of native ecosystems for homeowners as well as municipal or community-owned properties.
Master Planning
Put your vision for your property on paper with a Master Plan. We can work together to create a long term plan for all the ways in which you want to use your space, while incorporating solutions to problems such as flooding and erosion.
Phone Number: 410.279.1219
City: Centreville
State: Maryland
ZIP Code: 21617
About Us:

Jennifer’s approach to design is heavily influenced by her commitment to restoring and preserving natural spaces. Even the most formal garden can be LIVING: comprised of beautiful native plants, providing aesthetic value to the landowner, and habitat value for pollinators, birds and beneficial insects. Jennifer strives to find creative and beautiful ways to integrate stormwater management solutions into landscapes that have a positive impact on the people who use them, and the ecosystems that surround them. Her planting philosophy dictates putting the right plant in the right place to produce beautiful landscapes without need for chemical inputs or extensive watering.
In addition to her design work, Jennifer works with Sustainable Resource Management, Inc., removing invasive vegetation and restoring balanced and diverse forest systems.
Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Temple University and is a certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional. She is a member of the Consortium of Support Professionals for the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy, and is one of the founders of Cape Conservation Corps, a non-profit dedicated to promoting stewardship, educating neighbors and the ecological restoration of community lands in Cape St. Claire. Jennifer enjoys speaking to groups about native plants, stormwater mitigation and controlling invasive plant species. She is co-author of An Essential Guide to Woody Plants: The Flashcards Northeast Edition: Set One.
Jennifer is an avid farmer, amateur beekeeper and loves discovering small joys in her own garden on a daily basis.

Years of Experience: 7
CBLP Level 1-Basic Foundation in Sustainable Design, Installation, and Maintenance

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